Snackpoint Charlie Transmission 016 2018.09.05 is now online, grab and smash it into your Palm Pilot or Newton or whatever you call those gizmos. In my day we picked up the AM radio in our braces and that was good enough for us, by gum. Anyway, let your nimble little digits dance on over to and click the “Audio” link for this and all former dispatches. Excelsior!

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 016 - 2018.09.05


1) Jeff Barnes - “Get In the Groove”

2) Dur Dur of Somalia - “Yabaal” from VOLUME 1, VOLUME 2 & PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS

3) Asnake Gebreyes - “Weyene Ajir” from AHADU

4) Rikki Ililonga & Musi-O-Tunya - “The Sun” from DARK SUNRISE (THE BIRTH OF ZAMROCK AS TOLD THROUGH THE MUSIC OF ITS PIONEER: 1973-1976)

5) Ganimian & His Oriental Music - “Swingin’ The Blues” from COME WITH ME TO THE CASBAH

6) Hugh Masekela - “Blues for Huey” from MASEKELA

7)  Aillacara 2743 ‎- “Para La Libertad”

8) Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - “Fa No Dem Ara” from SIMIGWA

9) Francis Bebey - “Forest Nativity” from PSYCHEDELIC SANZA 1982-1984

10) Moontribe - “Osmium” from MOONTRIBE

11) Paucartambo Indiens Q'eros - “Villansico” from MUSIQUES DU PÉROU (DISQUES OCORA OCR 30)

12) Nano’s Group - “Malam Minggu” from MALAM MINGGU: SATURDAY NIGHT IN SUNDA

13) Curtis Amy & Dupree Bolton - “Native Land” from KATANGA!


15) Andy Sundstrom - “Theme from an Unwritten Movie” from THE UNIQUE SOUND OF ANDY SUNDSTROM

16) Odd Kjell Helgeland & Gilbert Helgeland - “Det Er Det Samme Hvor Jeg Drar (Anywhere I Go)“ from SONGS OF THE NORWEGIAN FJORDS

17) Nadah El Shazly | ندى الشاذلي - “Mahmiya (Protectorate) | محمية” from AHWAR

18) 배인숙 (Bae In-Sook) - “사랑은 무지개처럼 [salang-eun mujigaecheoleom] (Love Is Like a Rainbow) [aka I Will Survive]” from 일요일의 고독 (SUNDAY LONELINESS)

19) Régine ‎– “On La Chante”

20) Petula Clark - “Dans Le Temps/Downtown/Ciao Ciao”

21) Arp Life - “Krąży, Krąży Złoty Pieniądz” from JUMBO JET

22) Hülya Süer - “Şeker Oğlan”

23) Yasmine Hamdan - “Choubi (Brandt Brauer Frick remix)” from JAMILAT REPRISE

24) Africa Show - “Massanga (Yeahman Remix)” rom RADIO MAWIMBI • VOLUME 2

25) Bantu Clan vs Sarabi- “Africa Ni Leo - Esa Extended Mix” from HIGHLIFE WORLD SERIES - UGANDA

26) Kawuku Sound - “Nilotica’s Yard” from KAWUKU SOUND

27) Ernie Kovacs - “Inchworm” from THE ERNIE KOVACS SHOW - SEPTEMBER 10, 1956

28) Chioma International Band of Owerri - “Ama Obi Nwanne” from ONU EKWU CHA MMA - VOL. 1