Snackpoint Charlie Transmission 015 2018.08.01 is now online, archived and immortalized. Download, stream, drink too much coffee, try not to get any on your keyboard. Mosey on over to and click the “Audio” link for this and all former dispatches. Selah.

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 015 - 2018.08.01


1) Mulatu Astatke - “Mascaram Setaba” from AFRO-LATIN SOUL

2) Hany Mehanna - “تحية و العصايا - Tahiya Wal Assaiyah” from THE MIRACLES OF THE SEVEN DANCES

3) Abdul Alexi Freeman and his Enquirers - “Abdul the Cool” from THE BELLY DANCER

4) Cymande - “Fug” from FUG / BROTHERS ON THE SIDE

5) Yishak Banjaw - “Work Alem” from LOVE SONGS VOL. 1

6) Kazuhiko Kato - “Arthur Hakase No Jinriki Hikouki” from EVEN A TREE CAN SHED TEARS: JAPANESE FOLK & ROCK 1969-1973

7) Cruciférius! - “Big Bird” from A NICE WAY OF LIFE

8) Grazia - “Soyle Beni” from GRAZIA

9) Traore Ablo Et L'Orchestre Du Peuple Melodie Volta ‎- “Renouveau” from VOLTA GNAMOGHO / RENOUVEAU

10) The Residents - “Moisture” from THE COMMERCIAL ALBUM

11) Popera Cosmic - “Batman” from LES ESCLAVES

12) Fito Olivares Y Su Grupo - “Juana La Cubana” from 15 EXITOS ORIGINALES

13) Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - “Cumbia Kikuchi” from CUMBIA KIKUCHI

14) Jean Claude Vannier - “L’Enfant Au Royaume Des Mouche (Alternate Version)” from L’ENFANT ASSASSIN DES MOUCHES ALTERNATE TAKES

15) Los Moros - “Moon Waltz” from VALDEMORILLO SESSIONS VOL. II

16) Rodion G.A. - “Cantec Fulger” from THE LOST TAPES

17) Maria Marquez & Frank Harris - “Canto Del Pilon” from POTATOES - A COLLECTION OF FOLK SONGS

18) Mol Kamach & Baksey Cham Krong - “Plein Lune (Full Moon)” from NE PENSER QU'A TOI

19) Al Balabil (البلابل) - “حلوين حلاوة” from البيسأل ما بتيوه

20) Abu Obaida Hassan - “Shofo Alla (Find Me A Solution)” from ABU OBAIDA HASSAN & HIS TAMBOUR: THE SHAIGIYA SOUND OF SUDAN

21) Ostinato Records - ??? from SUDANESE SOUNDS FROM KHARTOUM & OMDURMAN

22) Saied Khalifa - “Igd Allooli (The Pearl Necklace)” from TWO NILES TO SING A MELODY: THE VIOLINS & SYNTHS OF SUDAN

23) Ome Kuautli - “A Donde Da Vuelta el Río” from SONIDOS DEL MÉXICO ANTIGUO

24) Muslimgauze - “Istambul Liqueur” from JERUSALAAM

25) Sibu - “Tal Vez” from BADING KONDA

26) Jako Maron - “Katangaz” and “Mégaloya” from THE ELECTRO MALOYA EXPERIMENTS OF JAKO MARON

27) Nihiloxica - “Nilo Chug” and “Endongo” from NIHILOXICA

28) Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès - “Sibaye” from AW SA YONE VOL. 1