Here it is, you can stop holding your breath! This month’s SNACKPOINT CHARLIE emanation is now yours to capture as a digital file that you can stuff into your little electronic box and carry around with you, where it’ll blossom in your ears like some enigmatic deep woods undergrowth that you can’t quite identify but you can’t stop looking at it, either. It’s much less painful than it sounds, I swear. Point your screen pointer thingy at and click the “Audio” link for this and all former broadcasts.

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 017 - 2018.10.03


1) Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 - “Dripping Sun” from MASANA TEMPLES

2) Ajda Pekkan - “Kaderimin Oyunu”

3) Omar Souleyman - “Hafer Gabrak Bidi (I Will Dig Your Grave with My Hands)” from JAZEERA NIGHTS: FOLK & POP SOUNDS OF SYRIA

4) Falz - “This Is Nigeria”

…and as promised:
This is Africa:
This is Akwa Ibom:
This is Ghana:
This is Nigeria #2 (Police Brutality):
This is Sierra Leone:
This is South Africa:
This is Unilag:
This is Brazil:
This is France:
This is Hindustan:
This is Iraq:
This is Malaysia:

5) Venture Lift - “Girl With Green Eyes” from STREET OF MIRRORS

Bernadine Dohrn - “Weather Report" from MUSIC IS REVOLUTION

6) Tirundel Zenebe - “Gue (Ililta)” from ILILTA!

7) Group Inerane - “Nadan Al Kazawnin” from GUITARS FROM AGADEZ (MUSIC OF NIGER)

8) Unknown Artists recorded by Finola and Geoffrey Holiday - “Tohimo Dance” from TUAREG MUSIC OF THE SOUTHERN SAHARA

9) Kavoria Lappella, Soa Vinelo Soando (beko) - “Hiarake” from TO CATCH A GHOST: FIELD RECORDINGS FROM MADAGASCAR

10) Ahmed Sidi Bella - “Wezen (guitar)” from SAHELSOUNDS BLOG

11) Moussa Thingou Eggour & Groupe Zone Touareg - “???” from TARHA

12) The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr - “Forssa Saeeda فرصة سعيدة” from THE SCORPIONS & SAIF ABU BAKR

13) Lata Mangeshkar & Rahul Dev Burman - “Na Koi Umang Hai” from KATI PATANG

14) Dany Delmin - “Oui Oui Oui”

15) Charles Aznavour - “She” from AZNAVOUR SINGS IN ENGLISH

16) Raymond Falgayrac - “Les Comédiens” from HEY! BABY! LES COMÉDIENS

17) The Duke of Iron - “Pepper Sauce Milly” from CALYPSO CARNIVAL

18) The Scorpios - “Mashena”

19) Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks - “Satta Masa Ganna” from UNITED AFRICA

20) Cyril Diaz Et Son Orchestre - “Feeling Happy” from DISQUES DEBS INTERNATIONAL VOL. 1

21) Xavier Cougat - “Walter Winchell Rhumba”

22) Jean Le Fennec - “Mes Enfants D'Autre” from PHANTASTIC

23) Electronic System - “Skylab” from TCHIP.TCHIP (VOL. 3)
with excerpts from “Sex Is My Business”

24) Lilies Komalasari - “Badminton”

25) Asnakech Worku - “Baynelay Yidal” from ASNAKECH

26) Alfred Lawson - “Today I Was Touched by Lawsonomy” from MANLIFE

27) Lorin Whitney - “O Come All Ye Faithful” from HI-FI PIPE ORGAN

28) Yannis Kyriakides - “Paramyth”