Snackpoint Charlie, for that “what the…?” feeling every time you turn on the radio. It’s like they say, time flies when you’re having toast. Music from elsewhere and beyond, broadcast 10pm-midnight EST on the first & third Wednesday nights of every month on WGXC, 90.7-FM. The barge has docked and unloaded a fresh-baked batch of ear candy, which you can play in the podcast aggregator of your choice at or the Wave Farm phone app

art by David Greenberger

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 103 - 2022.12.07


1) Cloudcraft - “Well Into It Evening Raga” from CLOUDCRAFT

2) The Clean - “Outside the Cage” from MODERN ROCK

(underbed throughout:)
Pinchas Gurevich - “Arglyfurt,” “Blackbodyradiation”

3) The Clean - “Tally Ho!” from TALLY HO! / PLATYPUS

4) Roger ‘King’ Mozian - “Oriental Cha Cha” from MAMBO GITANO!

5) Farid el Atrache - “Hebbina Hebbina (“Love Us, Love Us”)” from NAGHAM FI HAYATI

6) Gaye Su Akyol - “Martılar Öpüşür, Kediler Sevişir (Seagulls Kiss, Cats Make Love)” from ANADOLU EJDERI

7) Wau Wau Collectif - “Thiaroye 1944” from MARIAGE

8) The Souvenirs - “Bush Lark Ritual” from BUSH LARK RITUAL / LAUGHING DOVE DANCE 7’’

9) Pan Ron - “Chnam Oun 31 (I’m 31)” from GROOVE CLUB VOL. 3: CAMBODIA ROCK INTENSIFIED!

10) Rita Pavone - “Sapore Di Sale” from AMORE SCUSAMI/SAPORE DI SALE

11) Moussa Tchingou - “Det”

12) Wosenylhe Meberku - “አሥመራይ አሥመራ (Asmarai Asmara)” from ወሰንየለህ መብረቁ

13) Alla Bayanova - “Cocaine Song / Kokainochka” from BONE MUSIC

14) Jesse Paul Miller - “Pengamin, Bus, Solo” from JALAN JALAN - STREET ATMOSPHERES AND MUSIC IN THE HEART OF JAVA

15) Damon Smith/Louis Wall/NNN Cook - “Drawning Down” from FIRE POINT

16) Cloudcraft - “cloudcraft bonus 02 Track 02” from UNRELEASED 12" BONUS YAY

17) Seljuk Rustum - “The Happiest Country Has No History” from CARDBOARD CASTLES