Snackpoint Charlie’s heavenly mix of music from both elsewhere *and* beyond comes beaming at ya from broadcast to podcast at the the flip of a switch, last night’s WGXC radio show is a full-grown download now:

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 102 - 2022.11.16


1) Maha - “Kabl Ma Nessallem We Nemshy” from HABIBI FUNK 020: ORKOS

2) Matano Juma & Morning Star Orchestra - “Sikitiko” from ZANZIBARA : FIRST MODERN TAARAB VIBES FROM MOMBASA & TANGA, 1970-1990

3) Los Rangers De Tingo Maria - “La Trochita” from PERÚ SELVÁTICO - SONIC EXPEDITION INTO THE PERUVIAN AMAZON 1972-1986 (ANALOG AFRICA NO. 36)

(underbed throughout:)
Pinchas Gurevich - “Post-Rock-0-Tron-3000”

4) Sonido Verde de Moyobamba - “La Danza Del Vampiro” from SONIDO VERDE DE MOYOBAMBA (ANALOG AFRICA LIMITED DANCE EDITION NO.17)

5) Aris San - “Mish Mash” from DAM DAM

6) Mlimani Park Orchestra - “Visa Vimenichosha” from ZANZIBARA 5: HOT IN DAR (THE SOUND OF TANZANIA 1978-1983)

7) Gal Costa - “Passarinho” from ÍNDIA

8) Super Djata Band - “Fongnana Kouma” from EN SUPER FORME VOL. 1

9) Tülay German - “Burçak Tarlası”

10) Sun Ra Arkestra - “Day of the Living Sky” from LIVING SKY

11) Jairus Sharif - “Ra Comm 43” from WATER & TOOLS

12) Carl Stone - “Wat Dong Moon Lek” from WAT DONG MOON LEK

13) Yara Asmar - “to those of you who stayed in the sad city, may we see better days” from @MICROWAVE.BLUES [Yara Asmar’s Instagram]

14) Yma Sumac - “Sauma (Magic)” from LEGEND OF THE JIVARO

15) Low - “Lullaby” from I COULD LIVE IN HOPE

16) Shovel Dance Collective - “III” from THE WATER IS THE SHOVEL OF THE SHORE

17) United Bible Studies - “Lonesome, The Lighthouse” from SOREGH, MURNE & FAST