Prop open your earlids with global music from a sad and beautiful planet, live 10PM-midnight EDT on WGXC 90.7-FM in the Hudson Valley and archived very soon afterwards at

Last night’s show has been lovingly restored by Wave Farm’s crack team of audio technicians so even if you couldn’t hear all of it live, it is here for you 100% intact and free of charge at

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 074 - 2021.09.01


1) Tiny Giant - “Ngày Mới (New Day)” from NHẠC GÃY TỔNG HỢP SỐ 1

2) Shinichi Tanabe and Alfred The Great Brass - “(?)” from 松岡きっこのラブ・ラブ25時 (MATSUOKA KIKKO NO RABU RABU 25-JI / MATSUOKA KIKKO’S LOVE LOVE 25:00)

3) Akiko Yano - “Aisuru Hito Yo” from AI GA NAKUCHA NE

(underbed throughout)
Pinetop Gherkins - “Plinkyring”

4) Ode-Omore Osarenren & Ẹwaẹn Ọsẹtin Stars - “Enotiomwan” from ỌYỌETIGBE - THE BIRTH OF A CHILD

5) ??? - from Analog Africa’s Tropical Dream Under Construction - Part 16 (Analog Africa Kenya 2: Kenya Caida Inferno)

6) สุริยา ฟ้าปทุม | Suriya Fahpratoom - “ปลอกหมอนสีชมภู (Plok Mon See Chompoo / Pink Pillowcase)” from ปลอกหมอนสีชมภู (PLOK MON SEE CHOMPOO / PINK PILLOWCASE)

7) Damas Swing Orchestra - “Odylife” from CAMEROON GARAGE FUNK

8) Al Thoulathy Al Mareh - “Asmar Ya Sukkar” from ZAMAAN YA SUKKAR - زمان يا سكر

9) Moussa Tchingou - “Tamiditine Agid Issalane”
10) Dj Ben Ft. Tchingou - “Assafnam”

11) Mdou Moctar ft. MC Yallah - “Tala Tannam (Debmaster Remix)”

12) Rey Sapienz & The Congo Techno Ensemble - “Eza Makambo” from NA ZALA ZALA

13) Mister Bibi - “Ennemi” from MADJOUGA PLUS

14) Etran de L'Aïr - “Mon Amour” from NO. 1

15) Lee “Scratch” Perry - “Roast Fish & Cornbread” from ROAST FISH, COLLIE WEED, & CORN BREAD

16) Upsetters - “Dreamland Skank” from UPSETTERS 14 DUB - BLACK BOARD JUNGLE

17) The Congos - “Congoman” from HEART OF THE CONGOS

18) Saz Moog Project - “Zuhtu Yekte” from TURKISH ELECTRONIC DISCO SESSION

19) Upsetters - “Apeman Skank” from UPSETTERS 14 DUB - BLACK BOARD JUNGLE

20) Şatellites - “Seni Sen Olduğun İçin Sevdim” from SENI SEN OLDUĞUN İÇIN SEVDIM / ŞASKIN