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Art: “Surrender” by Giorgio Ajello

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 073 - 2021.08.18


1) Baligh Hamdi - “Chaka Chico” from INSTRUMENTAL MODAL POP OF 1970’S EGYPT

2) Ahmad Zahir - “Yar Az Ma Judaye Maikunad” from AFGHAN MUSIC ALBUM 10

3) “Zahir Hawayda (1977 Afghanistan)” from GOOD LISTENER - VOLUME 2

(underbed throughout:)
Pinetop Gherkins - “Avante-Garters”

4) Ramone - “Soul Reggae Prisonnier” from SOUL REGGAE PRISONNIER / BAL SOUKI SOUKI

5) ดิอิมพอสซิเบิ้ล (The Impossibles) - “ไหนว่าจะจ (Why)” from เป็นไปไม่ได้ (PEN PAI MAI DAI [IMPOSSIBLE])

6) Arthur Lyman - “‘Imi Au Ia ‘Oe (King’s Serenade)” from ISLAND VIBES

7) Nora Orlandi - “A Doppia Faccia” from A DOPPIA FACCIA

8) Ghosts of the Moog - “(unknown)”

9) Kostas Bezos and the White Birds - “Πάμε στη Χονολουλού (Let’s Go To Honolulu)” from KOSTAS BEZOS AND THE WHITE BIRDS

10) Jenks “Tex” Carman - “Hillbilly Hula” from CHIPPEHA! THE ESSENTIAL DIXIE COWBOY (1947-1957)

11) Makoto Kubota - “Cowboy Datta Koro (When I Was a Cowboy)” from DIXIE FEVER

12) ሃሎ ዳዌ / Halo Dawe - “አገተጋታ ሱታ ሚጊራ (Agetegata Suta Migira)” from ETHIO ROCK'N'ROLL - ORCHESTRAS & RHYTHM, FUZZ AND WAHWAH GUITAR IN ETHIOPIA & ERITREA, 70S & 80S

13) Prodip Dohutia & Madhumati Goswami - “Boroxar Nixate” from ASSAMESE SONGS

14) Hoàng Oanh - “Ngày Sau Sẽ Ra Sao [How Will Tomorrow Turn Out]” from SAIGON ROCK & SOUL: VIETNAMESE CLASSIC TRACKS 1968-1974

Shortwave Follies including

15) (excerpt from) JAPAN IN SOUNDS (KYOTO)

16) Lydia Carey - “Trash Collection,” “Banjo on Metro,” “Angrier Junk-Man,” and “Water Vendor” from THE SOUNDS OF MEXICO CITY REVEALED

17) KAADA - “It Must Have Been The Coffee” from CLOSING STATEMENTS

19) Rabbit Rules - “Jimbo Petty on the Moon (Lathe Cut Ver)” from JIMBO PETTY ON THE MOON

20) Dr. Sadiq Fitrat Nashenas - “از غمت میروم (I Go Out of Grief [I Am Sad])” from از غمت میروم / اگر عشوه نمائی (I GO OUT OF GRIEF / IF YOU FLIRT)

21) Rabiab Watasin - “Happy Birthday” from THAI HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONGS

22) M. Zawari - “خليك هنا -ورده”