Join us on this week’s Snackpoint Charlie for an ear-opening guest appearance by synthesizer maestro Rick Reger featuring abstract compositions, Chicago arcana and plenty of general frippery. If you missed it live this past Wednesday night from 10pm-midnight on WGXC, the episode is now podcast-enabled — link and playlist in the comments below

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 114 - 2023.05.03 - Rick Reger

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1) The Vampires - “Waves” from NIGHTJAR

2) The Tropicals - “African Popcorn” from URUBAMBA

Pinchas Gurevich - “Squidgybits2”
(underbed throughout)

3) Rick Reger - “When the Moon Rises… (for VCS3, Arp 2600, Rhodes and Percussion)”

4) Rick Reger - “Autumn ‘22 (for Moog Voyager, Fender Rhodes and Mellotrons)”

5) Rick Reger - “Improv #24 (for VCS3, Arp 2600, Mellotron and Gong)”

6) Rick Reger - “#34 (for Fender Rhodes, Arp 2600 and Nord Electro 3)”

7) Rick Reger - “Short Suite (for VCS3, Arp 2600 and Gong)”

8) Rick Reger - “Nebula” from MODULISME SESSION 080

9) Rick Reger - “Improv #28 (for VCS3, Moog Voyager, Arp 2600 and Vietnamese Gong)”

10) Monks of the Dip Tse Chok Ling Monastery - “Invocation of Deities” from SACRED CEREMONIES 2: TANTRIC HYMNS AND MUSIC OF TIBETAN BUDDHISM

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