Wednesday night Snackpoint Charlie kicked off WGXC’s “Please Assist Us in Transmission” Winter 2023 Pledge Drive, which means all of the music from elsewhere and beyond that you’ve come to know and love, punctuated by occasional polite requests for donations to help us actually stay on the airwaves. Your new sustaining pledge of as little as 17¢ a day can manifest that reality and make pledge drives a thing of the past, so kindly go to and pledge your support and make it easier on everyone, mkay? Thanks!

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 108 - 2023.02.15

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1) Titiek Puspa - “Jumpa Dipusara” from ANEKA GAJA

2) Ahmed Fakroun - “Nisyan”

3) The Free Music - “Ana Qalbi Ehtar” from HABIBI FUNK 021: THE FREE MUSIC - FREE MUSIC (PART 1)

(underbed throughout:)
Pinchas Gurevich - “Pinningmeters

4) فرقة ال٤ إم (Ezzat Abu Auf & The 4M Band) - “منوعات سرفية (Munawaeat Sarfia [Monawaat Sharkeya])” from مغنواتى (MEGHANAWATY [MY SONGS])

5) Esin Afşar - “Zühtü”

6) Ace of Spades - “Keep It Top Secret”


8) Morays - “True Velvet” from VOL. 1

9) Hansan - “Vår värld (Our World)” from BLOD ELLER BLÄCK

10) LaRico - “Formigues” from BLANC

11) Nora Dean - “Ay Ay Ay Ay [Angie LaLa]”

12) Ansambl Mileta Petrovića - “Miletova Gajde” from VESELI ROMI

13) Angkutan Udara (Air Freight) - “Pecundang (Losers)” from BERONTAK (REBELLED) - HIP HOP SONGS FROM EAST AND CENTRAL JAVA

14) De La Soul - “Eye Know” from 3 FEET HIGH AND RISING

15) Karim Shukry - “Incha Allah” from THE PERFUMED GARDEN OF ALLAH

16) Ξανθίππη Καραθανάση - “Μας Χωρίσανε Τα Βόλια (Volia Separated Us)” from ΞΑΝΘΊΠΠΗ ΚΑΡΑΘΑΝΆΣΗ

17) Stelios Kazantzidis - “The Leaves Fall from Branches” from THE SUN IS SETTING ON THE WORLD

18) Abdallah Chahine - “Baktub Ismak (Write Your Name)” from ORIENTAL BOUQUET

19) Michelle Gurevich - “Goodbye My Dictator”

20) Oksana Linde - “Playa Caribe” from AQUATIC AND OTHER WORLDS

21) Tommasini Juicers - “I Went To See My Lawyer” from EARLY MUSIC