Covers of songs you know by people you’ve never heard of from places you’ve never been, plus music even more obscure as Snackpoint Charlie keeps it 💯, baby. Every 1st and 3rd Weds on WGXC et voilà ! Cela est arrivé à nouveau.

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 100 - 2022.10.05


1) エマーソン北村 (Emerson Kitamura) - “Rock Your Baby (feat. mmm)” from 田舎はいいね (THE COUNTRYSIDE IS GREAT) EP

2) Genuine Spares - “What’s Going On” from SIMLA BEAT: 1970-1971

3) Nese Karaböcek - “Yali Yali” from SENI BULDUMYA / YALI YALI

(underbed throughgout:)
Pinchas Gurevich - “Shrike”

4) Sonny Okosuns - “We’re in Love” from THE GOSPEL OF OZZIDDI

5) Charlotte Dada - “Don’t Let Me Down” from MONEY NO BE SAND: 1960S AFRO-LYPSO, PIDGIN HIGHLIFE, AFRO-ROCK, AFRO-SOUL

6) Lata Mangeshkar - “Lag Ja Gale Se Phir” from WOH KAUN THI?

7) Madan Mohan - “Dance Music” from MAHRAJA

8) Bob Tutupoly and Nina - “Something Stupid” from ANEKA 12 VOLUME 6

9) Ahmed Aldjewhari – “Gumaharey ። ፻ ፨ አህመድ አልጀውሀሪ ፤ ጉማሐረይ” from ETHIO ROCK'N'ROLL: ORCHESTRAS & RHYTHM, FUZZ AND WAHWAH GUITAR IN ETHIOPIA & ERITREA, 70S & 80S

10) Relly Coloma - “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” from MUSIC TO WATCH GIRLS BY

11) TPAO Batman Orkestrası feat. Ilhan Telli - “Kızıl Saçların” from SENSIZLIK

12) The Youngsters - “I Wanna Be Your Man” from BRAZILIAN GUITAR FUZZ BANANAS

13) Mustangs - “Love is Blue” from MUSTANGS

14) Georges Moustaki (feat. Barbara) - “La Ligne Droite” from MOUSTAKI

15) Yanti Bersaudara - “Tiada Ragu (No Doubts)” from ANGGREK MERAH

16) Pinky Ann Rihal - “Jabse Dekha Hai” from TERE LIYE

17) Philemon Wehbe فيلمون وهبي - “Hamburger همبرغر” from HAMBURGER B/W LATIFE همبرغر B/W اللي بتحبه لطيفه

18) Kristin Langbo - “Jenta Som Ikke Ville Ha Mat / Mama-E-A-E-A” from BARNAS KOSESTUND

19) Treasury of Puppies - “Tvångsfantasi” from TREASURY OF PUPPIES

20) Yang Chen - “Yaz Lancaster — EUPH0RIC” from longing for _

21) Alastair Galbraith - “Fire Organ”

22) Kuchi people (five-hole metal flute /voice /dambora lute /clapping) - “Evening Under a Tent” from MUSIQUE D'ORIENT – LES MARIÉS DU BOUT DU MONDE