Music for yesterday’s vision of tomorrow, today, or yesterday’s today from anywhere but here. Either way I promise you it’ll be splendid, simply splendid, so tune in from 10pm to midnight tonight on WGXC, 90.7 FM Hudson Valley and for weeks afterwards via WGXC’s Podcast-O-Matic technology and the platform-agnostic Wave Farm brainphone app

…and presto! It’s a podcast now:

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 093 - 2022.06.15

1) YĪN YĪN - “Declined by Universe” from THE AGE OF AQUARIUS

2) Czerwone Gitary - “Coda” from RYTM ZIEMI

3) Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek - “Bal” from DOST 2

(underbed throughout:)
Pinetop Gherkins - “Turningesau 1”

4) Aqsak Maboul - “Modern Lesson” from UN PEU DE L'ÂME DES BANDITS

5) Kadef Abgi - “Rahma” from DIVA OF DEVA LOKA

6) TENSHI NO KÔKOTSU (excerpt) (Kôji Wakamatsu, 1972)

7) Antonio Fuentes - “Ave de Paso” from CUERDAS QUE LLORAN

8) Kraftwerk - “Les Mannequins”

9) Tasos Stamou - “Balkan Express” from BALKAN EXPRESS

10) Linda Smith - “Untitled 2” from UNTITLED 1-10 PLUS 1

11) Sylvia La Torre - “Aling Kutsero” from IKAW KASI

12) Fairuz - “Come and Don’t Come” from فيلم بيّاع الخواتم (AULIBAN, THE SELLER OF RINGS)

13) Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan - “Sis Around The Sandmill” from PULLHAIR RUBEYE

14) Yolanda De Carhuamayo - “Taita Shanti” from PURO TAYTA SHANTI

15) David Greenberger & The Waldameer Players - “Advice for People Over Eighty” from TODAY!

16) Folk Orchestra Skopje - “Džangurica or Skudrinka”

17) Sun Ra & His Arkestra - “Sophisticated Lady” from ELLINGTONIA, VOL. 1

18) Brother Theodore - “Lisolotta Bindel”

19) Kinder Bloomen - “Do You Barbarians Speak” from PROGRESSION II

20) Mary Gonsalves - “Regresa a Mi” from INTIMIDAD… CON MARY GONSALVES