My radio show Snackpoint Charlie turned five this week, which means only sixteen more years before we’re old enough to celebrate by legally doing something truly stupid. Until then keep tuning in and we’ll do our best to keep it on the beam with music from Java, Nigeria, Epirus, Mexico, Cameroon, Egypt, Sudan, Armenia, Tunisia, Brazil, Iraq, India, Niger, Norway, Belarus, Mongolia, Quito, etc etc etc….. get a slice of the full picture by downloading at the link below and if you’ve never listened, what the hell are you waiting for? It’s free!

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 088 - 2022.04.06


1) Sushi Dart Scar (John Oswald) - “z24” from 69 PLUNDERPHONICS 96

2) Abdel Karim El Kably - “Husenek Fa Masher | حسنك فاح مشاعر (“My Love Is More Than The Sweet Perfume…”)” from SUDAN: THE MUSIC AND SONGS OF ABDEL KARIM EL KABLY

(underbed throughout:)
Pinetop Gherkins - “Turningesau”

3) Les Dynamites - “Pop Oud #2”

4) Lucho Gavilanes - “La Danza Del Mono” from SATURNO 2000 - LA REBAJADA DE LOS SONIDEROS 1962 - 1983

5) Hamid El Shaeri - “Ayonha” from HABIBI FUNK 018: THE SLAM! YEARS (1983 - 1988)

6) Ata Kak - “Moma Yendodo” from OBAA SIMA

7) Hadi Zeidan - “Three Italians in Beirut” from MEET ME IN BEIRUT

8) The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band - “Lam San Disco” from BOILER ROOM IN STEREO

9) Renaldo and The Loaf - “Hambu Hodo” from THE ELBOW IS TABOO

10) Jojo L’Explosif (Jo Tongo) - “Non Non Non” from GET IT (THE WAY I LIKE) / NON NON NON

11) Hamlet Minassian - “Al Elnim” from ARMENIAN POP MUSIC

12) Eman el Bahr Darwish - “Mahsoebak Endas” from SHARAYET EL DISCO

13) Salah Abdel Ghafour - “Yil'ab Choubi (Play Choubi On My Wounds)” from CHOUBI CHOUBI! VOL. 2 - FOLK AND POP SOUNDS FROM IRAQ

14) Aan Darwati & May Sumarna - “Certok” from KAPINCUT

15) Benyamin S. & The Beib Blues - “Be Ayo Be” from ASOOOY ASOOOY ASOOOY

16) علاء (Ala) - “دخترها پسرها (Doxtarha Pesarha [Girls, Boys])” from مشت تو واشد / دخترها پسرها

17) JenJoon ft 4LFA - “Shweraa Tafia | شوارع طافية (Prod. Ratchopper)”

18) Aziza Brahim - “Espejismos” from SOUTAK

19) Zabelle Panosian - “Mi Lar Pibool (Don’t Weep, Nightingale) take 1” from I AM SERVANT OF YOUR VOICE: MARCH 1917 - JUNE 1918

20) Clara Rockmore - “Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor ” from THE LOST THEREMIN ALBUM

21) Son of Buzzi - “Die Hand der Riesin II (The Hand of the Giantess II)” from DIE HAND DER RIESIN