Close your eyes, turn around, blink three times and there we are: Snackpoint Charlie, giving Mary Worth a run for her money with music and ephemera from around the world and elsewhere. Live tonight on WGXC 90.7-FM from 10pm to midnight because really, what else are you gonna do on a Wednesday night? Podcast afterwards for your time-shifting convenience on the off chance you actually have something resembling a life, but don’t think that excuse is gonna work every time because we’re on to you, mister, oh yes we are.

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Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 085 - 2022.02.16


1) Ramiro Cavazos & Rafael Ramírez - “Canción Mixteca” from CHULAS FRONTERAS & DEL MERO CORAZÓN

2) Fito Olivares y Su Grupo - “E.T.” from CUMBIA E.T.

3) Manzanita - “Paga La Cuenta Sinverguenza” from SATURNO 2000 - LA REBAJADA DE LOS SONIDEROS 1962 - 1983

(underbed throughout)
Jeff Yudkowsky - “Droopydrawers”, “Justplaneshit” and “Splurge”
Jesse Paul Miller - “Buddhist Wat Call (Angkor)” from អង្គរ ANGKOR

4) Lata Mangeshkar - “Satyam Shivam Sundaram” from THE ROUGH GUIDE TO BOLLYWOOD LEGENDS: LATA MANGESHKAR

5) Bappi Lahiri - “Tu Ru Ru Ru (vocal: Maya Ghosh)” from AITBAAR

6) Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi - “Kya Dekhte Ho” from QURBANI

7) Begum Akhtar - “Aah Ko Chahiye Ek Umra” from BEGUM AKHTAR SINGS GHALIB

8) Antônio Carlos Jobim - “Amor Em Paz (Once I Loved)” from THE MAN FROM IPANEMA

9) Yao Lee - “Little Sparrow”

10) Nexhmije Pagarusha - “Unë ty moj të kam dasht (Une Me Ty Te Kam Dastun) (I Wanted You)”

11) Branko Mataja - “Hteo Bi Te Zaboraviti (I Want To Forget You)” from OVER FIELDS AND MOUNTAINS

12) Etran de L'Aïr - “Tahawerte Ine Idinette” from AGADEZ

13) Hocine Chaoui - “Rym El Hahaya” from OUECHESMA

14) Horde of Two - “Courage and Fortitude” from I KNEW I WAS A REBEL THEN

15) Brigitte Fontaine / Areski Belkacem - “Patriarcat” from VOUS ET NOUS

16) Ben Vida and Lea Bertucci - “Murmurations” from MURMURATIONS

17) id m theft able - “Leaving the keyboard that plays itself down by the river between 2:30 and 3:30 AM August 3rd 2017” (excerpt)

18) Cities and Memory - “All India Radio” from SHORTWAVE TRANSMISSIONS 📻📡
19) Cities and Memory - “R Afghanistan ST ID English 1976 (15195 kHz)-0029Aa” from SHORTWAVE TRANSMISSIONS 📻📡
20) Cities and Memory - “Afghanistan calling Europe” from CITIESANDMEMORY.COM/SHORTWAVE

21) The Marquis - “Strange Is Love” from STRANGE WORLD

22) R. Stevie Moore - “Good Breakfasts a Month of Sundays” (excerpt) from XCLUSIF