Snackpoint Charlie, where “elsewhere” is just another way of saying “home.” Music from Omar Khorshid, Etran L’Air, Suzanne Ciani and many other local artists available for download right now at the link below because we love you truly, madly, deeply

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 080 - 2021.11.03


1) Arooj Aftab - “Baghon Main” from VULTURE PRINCE

2) Omar Khorshid - “Rakset El Fadaa” from GIANT + GUITAR

(underbed throughout:)
Pinetop Gherkins - “Progress2what” from PILES OF COPROLITHS

3) Atongo Zimba - “In Heaven No Beer (Feat. M.anifest)” from A TO Z

4) Musarrat - “Hosh Nahin Hai Ji Mujhe” from NAYA BEAT VOLUME 1: SOUTH ASIAN DANCE AND ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1983-1992

5) Sublime Frequencies - “How Many Cheeks Have You Kissed (Mawrs)” from RADIO MYANMAR (BURMA)

6) ชาย เมืองสิงห์ | Chai Muengsing - “ผีเข้าผีออก (Pe Kao Pe Ork / Ghost In, Ghost Out)” from ผีเข้าผีออก (PEE KAO PEE AOK) - THE RED MONKEY OF MAN CITY LION IN DARK HORSE

7) Etran de L'Aïr - “Adounia” from AGADEZ

8) Analog Africa - “(unknown)” from TROPICAL DREAM UNDER CONSTRUCTION - PART 17

9) Phương Tâm - “Đêm Huyền Diệu (Magical Night)” from MAGICAL NIGHTS - SAIGON SURF TWIST & SOUL (1964-1966)

10) Black Flower - “O Fogo” from O FOGO

11) Chabaphrai Namwai & Banyen Rakkaen - “Lam Phloen Songthaew Fanclub” from CLASSIC PRODUCTIONS BY SURIN PHAKSIRI 2: MOLAM GEMS FROM THE 1960S-80S

12) Bitchin Bajas - “Outer Spaceways Incorporated” from SWITCHED ON RA

13) Ross Goldstein - “Diabolo” from CHUTES AND LADDERS

14) Suzanne Ciani - “Part Two” from HELP, HELP, THE GLOBOLINKS!

15) Tim Olive - “Ribbon 2” from RIBBON

16) oRSo - “cookie papers” from PRANCING WITH A SIDEWAYS GAIT

17) The Mustangs 머스탱스 - “C20H25N30” from ACID TRIP

18) Chandrakant Prasad - “Sodina” and
19) Bourama Sadio - “Balante Balafon” from THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF CHARLES DUVELLE