Both of this week’s Snackspointe Charlieux transmissions await your download in WGXC’s Patented Podcast-O-Matic-O-Tron, links below. Let me know if you want to hear part two of EPSTEIN on the next show — your vote decides it

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 063 - 2021.04.08


1) Orkes Melayu Fajar Menyingsing - “Malang Nasibku” from COBA LAGI

2) Karim Shahbuddin - “(unknown)” from GOOD LISTENER - VOLUME 1

3) Pięć Smutnych Spojrzeń - “Improwizacja spokojnego brzmienia” from ZE SZPULOWCA BIGBITOWCA

(underbed throughout)
Pinetop Gherkins - “I Don’t Know”

4) Rogér Fakhr - “Fine Anyway” from HABIBI FUNK 016: FINE ANYWAY

5) Akiko Yano - “Funamachi Uta Pt. 2” from JAPANESE GIRL

6) Hailu Mergia - “Nefas New Zemedie” from TEZETA

7) Mayada - “Yabu Alli Yabu Alli  (ميادة- يا بوعلي)” from آلو سوسوار تونايت / يابو علي يابو علي (HALLO CE SOIR TO NIGHT / YABU ALLI YABU ALLI)

8) Googoosh - “Bemooni” from LOVE SONGS

9) Natalie Greffel - “Toquei” from PARA TODOS

10) Alemayehu Eshete - “Chiro Adarie Negne” from ERNESTO CHAHOUD PRESENTS TAITU - SOUL-FUELLED STOMPERS FROM 1960S - 1970S ETHIOPIA


12) Joey Lewis and His Orchestra - “Devin’ Pa’ Ou” from PLAYS YUH CYAR GET

13) TPAO Batman Orkestrası feat. Ilhan Telli - “Kızıl Saçların” from SENSIZLIK

14) Saint Abdullah - “Zeynab” from UNDER FRUSTRATION - VOL. 2

15) (((…))) - “The Battle of Last Kingdom” from PEKAK! INDONESIAN NOISE 1995-2015. 20 YEARS OF EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC FROM INDONESIA

16) Pierre et Eliane Dubois - “Noirs Arabes Du Sud-Kordofan, Musique Au Son De ‘Waza’ Trompes En Fruits Séchés” from SOUDAN PAYS DES NOUBA

17) Nazakat Ali Khan & Salamat Ali Khan - “Aajori Badhavra - Adana” from HIS MASTER’S VOICE – 7 EPE 1356

18) Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. Featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet - “Decree 12.10” from THE SOUNDS OF AMERICAN DOOMSDAY CULTS V.14

19) Robert Calvert - “A Letter of Complaint to the Council” from CENTIGRADE 232

20) Gate - “Hijack” from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

21) Larry Storch Reads Philip Roth’s EPSTEIN (part 1)

22) Jason Wietlispach - “All Praise Be to Thee, Thy Key of D” from SEA OF DRONE

23) Brian Eno & David Byrne - “A Secret Life” from MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS

24) Fakele Coulibaly - “Fakele Coulibaly 2” from BAMBARA

25) Sadiq Ben Mohammed Laghzaoui Morsan - “Rhaitas and Tbola” from MUSIC OF MOROCCO: RECORDED BY PAUL BOWLES, 1959

26) Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan - “Shopping City” from INTERIM REPORT, MARCH 1979

27) El Ferqa Dial Guedra - “Ounalou Biha Rajao” from MUSIC OF MOROCCO: RECORDED BY PAUL BOWLES, 1959

28) Robyn Hitchcock - “Godnatt Oslo” from TROMSØ, KAPTEIN