In with the good air, out with the bad air…. ok so it might not be the exact ideal flavor and shape of air that some may have wanted, but any reduction in the daily intake of poison is cause for celebration. Join us on Snackpoint Charlie as we bid good riddance to bad garbage, with an ear pointed as always towards exceptional sounds from elsewhere and beyond. Our latest transmission is now archived for your portable convenience at or via the Wave Farm iPhone app

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 057 - 2021.01.20


1) The Residents - “America” from OUR TIRED, OUR POOR, OUR HUDDLED MASSES

2) Archie Shepp - “Things Have Got To Change” from THINGS HAVE GOT TO CHANGE

Pinetop Gherkins - “Bat bee bop,” “Blooky,” “Kindergroyper”
(underbed throughout)

3) Nabil Abd El Al - “(?)” from THE BEST ORIENTAL NIGHTS

4) Group Kamajaya - “Turun Sintren” from KEMBANG KILARAS

5) Kanawa - “Nahawa Doumbia” from KANAWA

6) 4 Mars - “Hobalayeey Nabadu! (Hello Peace!)” from SUPER SOMALI SOUNDS FROM THE GULF OF TADJOURA (DJIBOUTI ARCHIVES VOL. 1)

7) Laurence Vanay - “Le bateau” from GALAXIES

8) The Soul Sauce meets Kim Yulhee (소울소스meets 김율희) - “East Sea (Feat. Yun Seok Cheol)” from EAST SEA (FEAT. YUN SEOK CHEOL)

9) Oyiwane - “Diversitie” from MUSIC FROM SAHARAN WHATSAPP 11

10) Zuhura Swaleh & Orchestra Morning Star - “Karama Zijiri” from KARAMA ZIJIRI
Thanks to

11) Amy Rigby - “four years of u”

12) Cyril Cyril - “President” from YALLAH MICKEY MOUSE

13) Alostmen - “Teach Me” from KOLOGO

14) Ancient Astronauts - “Ghetto Youth Never Give Up feat. C Wyne Nalukalala” from ZIK ZAK

15) Fadoul - “Al Zman Saib” from HABIBI FUNK 002: AL ZMAN SAIB

16) Electric Jalaba - “Daimla” from EL HAL / THE FEELING

17) Hoodna Orchestra - “Sof Layla (Ba Hoodna)” from AGOGO 2020

18) Bimbo & Iin - “Sinar Kemesraan” from DANG DUT BERSAMA

19) Picky Picnic - “Blue Mountain 500 Miles Goes By” from LOVELY WATER PEACEFUL

20) Freddy Ranarison - “Razafindrahety” from RAZAFINDRAHETY