This post-election day may be an agonizing liminal nightmare for the USofA, but elsewhere around the globe people are going about their lives mercifully free of breathless news updates full of inconclusive speculations. Oh, how I envy them. Virtually no questions you want answered will be resolved tonight so when you’re ready to dislodge from the data stream, SNACKPOINT CHARLIE will be there for you — “there” being field recordings, found sound and radio from around the world. Oh, and probably some music as well.

Snackpoint Charlie’s Nov. 4 liminal decompression has been deposited in the Podcast-O-Matic, get your personalized copy via, your favorite podcast aggregator or via the Wave Farm iPhone app

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 052 - 2020.11.04


1) Sahel Sounds - excepts from FIELD RECORDINGS FROM THE SAHEL

2) Sublime Frequencies - “Voice of Peace?” from RADIO PALESTINE: SOUNDS OF THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN

3) Lama Lobsang Palden & Jim Becker - “Compassion” from COMPASSION

4) Folke Rabe - “Was??” (except) from WAS??

5) Circuit des Yeux - “Title Unknown (C.D.Y. & Victoria)” from Glacial Fault/Title Unknown (C.D.Y. & Victoria)

6) Sahel Sounds - “Shoe vendors, central market” from UCHRONIA – FIELD RECORDINGS FROM ALTERNATE REALITIES

7) Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou -“The Mad Man’s Laughter” from Ethiopiques 21: Ethiopia Song/Piano Solo

8) The Caretaker - “C3 - What does it matter how my heart breaks” from EVERYWHERE AT THE END OF TIME

9) Robert Millis - “Durga Puja slaughter/Huge Prayer wheel/Kathmandu Street” from HARMIKA YAB-YUM: FOLK SOUNDS FROM NEPAL

10) Notstandskomitee - “Shelter” from RETRIEVING BEIRUT PART ¼


12) Delphine Dora - “lost in my dreams, a nightmare maybe (excerpt)” from LOST IN MY DREAMS, A NIGHTMARE MAYBE

13) Pinetop Gherkins - “Not Your Dad’s Mellotron“ (underbed)

14) Sublime Frequencies - “Sham Frequencies” from I REMEMBER SYRIA

15) Richard Devine - “Tornado Sirens”

16) Muzsikás - “Azt Gondoltam Esö Esik (I Thought It Was Raining)” from THE PRISONER’S SONG

17) Sahel Sounds - excepts from FIELD RECORDINGS FROM THE SAHEL

18) Bimbo - “Rindu Kami Padamu” from IRAMA QASIDAH

19) Çaykh - “Soùmatra” from OU

20) Sahel Sounds - excepts from FIELD RECORDINGS FROM THE SAHEL

21) Al Balabil + Youssef Al-Mousaly - “الطيف (Spectrum)” from ليل الشجن (LAYL AL-SHAGAN)

22) Rodrigo Tavares - “Cidade Sol II” from CONGO

23) Peter Cusack - “Chernobyl Dawn” from AUTUMN LEAVES

24) Songs: Ohia - “Keep It Steady” from JOURNEY ON: COLLECTED SINGLES

25) Jesse Paul Miller - “Early Morning Azan, Borobodor” from JALAN JALAN - STREET ATMOSPHERES AND MUSIC IN THE HEART OF JAVA

26) Sublime Frequencies - “Night In Ancient Egypt” from RADIO PALESTINE: SOUNDS OF THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN

27) Sublime Frequencies - “Radio Abu Kamal” from I REMEMBER SYRIA