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Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 046 - 2020.08.05


1) Yasmine Hamdan - “Beirut” from YA NASS

2) Admas - “Astawesalehu” from SONS OF ETHIOPIA

3) Mohamed M. Kooshin - “Nafta Aramida” from LAYLA

4) Andal Sukabe - “Rageley Am” from MUSIC FROM SAHARAN WHATSAPP 07

5) Aziz Balouch - “Seguiriya” from SUFI HISPANO-PAKISTANI

6) Sam Saimun with Mus Mualim and his orchestra - “Sekedjap” from VOLUME 2

7) The Cakekitchen - “Trouble Again in this Town” from TROUBLE AGAIN IN THIS TOWN

8) Violeta Parra - “Volver a los Diecisiete” from LAS ÚLTIMAS COMPOSICIONES DE VIOLETA PARRA

9) Bimbo & I*in with Yanti Bersaudara - “Balada Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.” from QASIDAH MODERN VOL 3

10) Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National - “Mma Anyi Egbuna Anyi (We Should Not Kill Ourselves)” from ILO ABU CHI

11) Khaira Arby - “Al Jama'a Bisimillah” from GOSSIP

12) Lingo Seini et son groupe - “Gomno” from MUSIQUE HAUKA

13) Koko - “Echo Capasses” from KOKO

14) The Wisma & Salim.I - “Bunga Negara” from VOL. 3

15) Feylesoflar - “Home Made Improvisation” from 1974-1975

16) Pere Ubu - “Visions of the Moon” from BY ORDER OF MAYOR PAWLICKI - LIVE IN JAROCIN - WE DON’T DO ENCORES

17) Craig Bell - “Who’s Watching The Watchers” from THE ROOM IN MY HEAD

19) Charbel Haber - “Margot Fonteyn Resting on the Eastern Patio in the Early Hours of the Morning” from ANTHOLOGY OF ELECTROACOUSTIC LEBANESE MUSIC

20) Mack Sigis Porter - “Peace On You” from PEACE ON YOU

21) Talia Lahoud - “Li Beirut/لبيروت"