Snackpoint Charlie’s latest has now been flung out into the world via WGXC’s podcast propagator and direct download. Fly little birdie, fly!

Art: Jack Economy (1929-2011)

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 039 - 2020.04.22


1) Eddie Suzuki - “Fly With Me To Waikiki”

2) Zbigniew Wodecki - “Basia, Basia, Basia (Shami Sha)” from SNY PODRÓŻNIKA

3) Markus James - “Koriome (Instr.)” from TIMUKTOUBAB

4) Beynelmilan - “Kol Basti” from PSYCHEDELIC OYUN HAVALARI

5) Alkibar Junior - “Soukabe Mali” from MUSIC FROM SAHARAN WHATSAPP 04

6) Wells Fargo - The Crowd” from WATCH OUT!

7) Inna Baba Coulibaly - “N’Dale Kolene (feat. Ali Farka Touré)” from SAHEL

8) Mohammed ‘Jimmy’ Mohammed - “Sethed Seketelat” from TAKKABEL!

9) Mohamud Ahmed - “Ambasel”

10) Moussa “Tchingou” Eggour - “Tum Hi Ho (cover of Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2)”

11) Houssam Gania - “Bouyandi” from MOSAWI SWIRI

12) Alain Peters - “La Rosée Si Feuilles Songes” from REST LA MALOYA

13) Johnny Dyani With John Tchicai & Dudu Pukwana ‎– “Magwaza” from WITCHDOCTOR’S SON

14) Afework Nigussie & Zea - “Bourgeois Blues (Live at RPM)” from FOUR CORNERS OF THE GLOBE

15) Ros Serey Sothea - “I Will Starve Myself to Death”

16) Thra Kha Band - “Do You No Wrong Again”

17) Angkhanang Khunchai & The Ubon Phatthana Band - “Lam Phloen Phatthana” from Isan Lam Phloen

18) Rita Abatzi - “Smash It All, My Love: Σπαστά Φως Μου Για τα Μένα (‘Fuck It, My Flame’)” from I’M BURNING, I’M BURNING: URBAN GREEK SONGS, 1933-37

19) Afet Serenay - “Yarim Gitti Cesmeye” from BIR OF ÇEKSEM…

20) Googoosh - “Gol Bi Goldoon” from POMEGRANATES (انار)

21) General Franco Lee Ezute and his Harmony International Band - “Azuka Ego” from Onye Kata Obia