Scrape those last little charred and corroded bits of 2019 out of your pipes with an exclusive circuit-cleansing set by noise improv maestro PARASHI on the first SNACKPOINT CHARLIE of 2020. Download from the archive  or stream on the Wave Farm iPhone app or your favorite podcast aggregator (instructions at link). Happy New!

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 032 - 2020.01.01


1) Rahul Dev Burman - “The Burning Train” from THE BURNING TRAIN - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

2) Googoosh - “Shekayat” from ﮔﻮﮔﻮش

3) Grupo Ismaeliloo - “Amanacer (Sound Voyage Future World Remix)”

4) Jen Kutler - “Jenn Grossman” from DISEMBODIED

5) Parashi - Live In-Studio Improv

“Mike Griffin’s Parashi project has been releasing material since 2010. Parashi’s sound utilizes a wide variety of improvised sound sources, in various states of interaction and decay. Pitchshifted tapes, creaky analog pedals, primitive synthesizers, metal objects, percussion, voice, and murky field recordings all collide and reorganize themselves within Parashi’s work. The resulting sonic constructions are imbued with a vitality that never distracts from the narrative focus of each piece.

Parashi has collaborated on releases with artists such as John Olson (Wolf Eyes), Anthony Pasquarosa, Noise Nomads, Rambutan, Belltonesuicide, Fossils from the Sun, HSFB, among others. He has been a member of Albany psych-rock troop Burnt Hills since 2011, and was a participating member of the long-running Albany Sonic Arts Collective. He also plays guitar in Sky Furrows, backing up poet Karen Schoemer along with fellow Burnt Hillians Philip Donnelly and Eric Hardiman. Griffin has played shows as a member of Century Plants, Chalaque, Bulle, and Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura.”

6) Fumaça Preta - “Impuros Fanaticos” from IMPUROS FANÁTICOS

7) Milo Silva / Nina Violet - “Electricity of Love” from POST MODERN MONGOL

8) Ralph Steadman - “Sweetest Love (Lament After a Broken Sashcord on a Theme of John Donne)” from MINIATURES

9) The Residents - “New Mexico Dream” from NOT AVAILABLE (PRESERVED EDITION)

10) DakhaBrakha - “Karamysly” from THE ROAD

11) Иверия (Iberia) - “Восход солнца (Sun Rise)” from ИВЕРИЯ (IBERIA)

12) Yang Xiao Ping - “Love in the Rain”

13) Gökçen Kaynatan - “Anjiyo (Angioma)” from CEHENNEM

14) The Hawaii Calls Orchestra and Chorus - “Beautiful Kahana / Song of Old Hawaii”

15) Fred Lane and his Disheveled Monkeybiters - “I’m Gonna Go to Hell (When I Die)” from ICEPICK TO THE MOON