Faster than a speeding non-existent unfunded interstate bullet train, last night’s show has been auto-archived and mp3-i-fied for your eternal enjoyment right here. Grab it now and don’t say we never gave you nothin’:

[ This month’s art by Margaret G. Still ]

Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 030 - 2019.11.06


1) Yanti Bersaudara - “Lembur Kuring” from YANTI BERSAUDARA

2) Yaseen & Party - “Liverpool” from YASEEN & PARTY

3) Golden Hands - “Take Me Back” from GOLDEN HANDS
+ Frank O'Hara - “Having a Coke with You” from USA: POETRY: FRANK O'HARA

4) Jeff Yudkowski - “Music to Run Over, vol. 1”

5) Abdallah Oumbadougou - “Thingalene” from ANOU MALANE

6) Super Boiro Band - “Samba” from EN SUPER FORME

7) Issam Raji - “كلّم يا معلّم (Kallim Ya Mouallem)” from فوق الخيل / كلّم يا معلّم

8) S. Hazara Singh - “Mera Naam Hai Jamila - ‘Night In London'” from ELECTRIC GUITAR

9) Balsara & His Singing Sitars - “These Boots are Made for Walking” from GREAT INTERNATIONAL HITS 1968

10) Johnny Cash - “Wer Kennt den Weg (I Walk the Line)”

11) ابراهيم السعيد” - (ياخير خلق الله (إيقاع”

12) Sababa 5 (feat. Yurika) - “Crossroad of Love - 愛の交差点- (Ai no Kousaten)” from CROSSROAD OF LOVE


14) Gharby Hayem & Kervansaray - “Adagio” from ORGAN IMPROVISATIONS

15) Durul Gence - “Black Cat” from BLACK CAT / BOO SONG

16) Kutiman feat. Melike Şahin - “Sakla Beni (feat. Melike Şahin)” from SAKLA BENI EP

17) Lata Mangeshkar - “Main Gaaun Tu Chup Ho Ja” from दो आँखें बारह हाथ [DO ANKHEN BAARAH HAATH] (TWO EYES & TWELVE HANDS)

18) Koncz Zsuzsa - “Éjszaka (Night)” from NE VÁGJ KI MINDEN FÁT!

19) Eddie Suzuki - “High Tide” from FROM THESE SHORES

20) Negativland - “Certain Men” from TRUE FALSE

21) Roger Roger - “Sound Industrial N°5” from SPACE ODDITIES - 1972-1982
+ excerpt from Walt Disney’s MARS AND BEYOND
22) Frank Pellico, Chicago Cubs Organist - “2001 Space Odyssey” from TOUCHING
+ Raymond Scott - “By Rocket to the Moon” from A TRIP TO THE MOON - WITH RAYMOND SCOTT

23) Zdeněk Liška - “E.V.A. Will Teach You” from IKARIE XB-1

24) Il Cinghiale - “Our Mourn Shall Resound Eternally” from DREVNE RUŠEVINE I MAGIČNE RITUALE
+ William S. Burroughs - “The Do-Rights” from YOU’RE THE GUY I WANT TO SHARE MY MONEY WITH

25) Martinha - “Hoy Daria Yo La Vida (Today I Would Give Life)”

26) Brion Gysin - “Untitled 4” from ONE NIGHT @ THE 1001: MOROCCAN MUSIC RECORDED BY BRION GYSIN
+ Gena Rowlands - excerpt from John Cassavetes’ MINNIE & MOSKOWITZ

27) Jesse Paul Miller - “Nyaung Shwe town and surroundings : a boat moving down a canal / night sounds / frogs / bicycle” from FIELD RECORDINGS ASIA