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Snackpoint Charlie - Transmission 006 - 2017.09.06


1) Dissidenten & Lem Chaheb - “Inshallah” from SAHARA ELEKTRIK

2) Tal National - “Sey Wata Gaya” from ZOY ZOY

3) Tony Allen - "Secret Agent” from SECRET AGENT

4) Ofo The Black Company - “Beautiful Daddy” from ALLAH WAKBARR/BEAUTIFUL DADDY 7”

5) Amadou Binta Konté and Tidiane Thiam - “Dialélam" from WAANDE KADDE

6) Alexander Maloof & The Maloof Oriental Orchestra - “Fatima” from THE MUSIC OF ARAB AMERICANS

7) Habesha 2000 Band - “Habesha Traditional Song 2” from STARING INTO THE SUN (RECORDED/COMPILED BY OLIVIA WYATT)

8) Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - “It’s A Vanity” from AFRICAN SCREAM CONTEST: RAW & PSYCHEDELIC AFRO SOUNDS FROM BENIN & TOGO 70S

9) The Lafayette Afro Rock Band - “Hihache” from DARKEST LIGHT

10) Mdou Moctar - “Iblis Amghar” from AKOUNAK TEDALAT TAHA TAZOUGHAI

11) Mdou Moctar - “Allagh N-Tarha” from SOUSOUME TAMACHEK

12) Abdel Gadir Salim All Stars - “Maqtool Hawaki Ya Kordofan” from THE MERDOUM KINGS PLAY SONGS OF LOVE

13) Elias Rahbani - “Dance of Maria” from MOSAIC OF THE ORIENT

14) The Sharks Band - “(Track 5)“ from STUDIO RECORDINGS

15) Velly Joonas - "Stopp, Seisku Aeg! (Stop! Stall the Time!)” from STOPP, SEISKU AEG! / KÄES ON AEG 7"

16) Hafusa Abbasi & The Yahoos Band - “Ewe Mola” from KARIBU RAMADHANI / EWE MOLA 7”

17) ??? - “Folk Song (No. 1)” from (BHUTAN PHONOGRAPH RECORD POSTAL STAMP)

18) Médico Doktor Vibes - “Diska Limba Man” from ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE: HOMEMADE RECORDS 1958-1992

19) Alfredito and his Orchestra - “Chop Suey Mambo”

20) 雲雲 (Yun Yun) - “永度春宵 (Yǒng dù chūnxiāo)”

21) ??? - “中国地方の子守唄 (Chugoku-Chiho no Komoriuta [Chugoku-Chiho Lullaby])” from FIRESIGN THEATER KPFK RADIO HOUR HOUR

22) (unidentified Ngatiporou group) - “Kati Ra E Koro Te Takoto I Raro Ra” from AUTHENTIC MAORI CHANTS (RECORD #3)


24) Lotte Lenya - “September Song” from THE LOTTE LENYA ALBUM

25) Rose Gross with Maurice Spector - “Dance A Little (Tanz A Bissel)”

26) Lucia Pamela - “Walking On The Moon” from INTO OUTER SPACE WITH LUCIA PAMELA

27) Herman Shlumpf - “Disc Jockey’s Lament” from GEORGE BLOOD 78 TRANSFERS - INTERNET ARCHIVE

28)  Afro Super-Feelings led by Segun Okeji - "I Like Woman” from I LIKE WOMAN